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Amy Marie Gladding


Growing up in Suffolk I have always been interested in rural spaces. In more recent years I have become intrigued by the constantly transforming landscape. 

Unable to access these spaces during the first lockdown in the UK in 2020 led to me digging out old 35mm film prints. 

Transforming these through cutting and layering I began to invent a new way of working. Examining lands visited a lifetime ago through the creation of imagined, sculptural landscapes. I have made a large body of work using this collage technique which has now evolved to include mixed media. 


Within these processes I can travel and reflect through transient mixed media pieces, accessing any terrain or tundra, valley or plateau.

amy 001.jpg
new collages054.jpg
new collages 5.jpg
new collages056.jpg
new collages1.jpg
amy 005.jpg
amy 002.jpg
amy 006 small.jpg
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