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Lluís Estopiñan


I’m a painter with a long career who ten years ago fell in love with photography especially old analog processes.

I am interested in the process as a part of the meaning in each project, always seeking in my work an physical, sometimes unexpected not virtual outcome and that combines both reflection and emotion.

My picture’s surfaces works sometimes as a mirror reflecting our emotions and memories, but they can be other times walls where to express them or windows as well: a hole allowing us access new mental spaces.

The topics that have motivated my work refer to life as a temporal space of possibilities, or the perception of reality and also, more recently, everything that revolves around memory as a central element of our changing identity by passing time.

Using often anonymous old photographic material that I alter, re-contextualize or give new meanings to, I want in each series through the image, but also the technique and the material, to stir latent memories and emotions in us.

Who we are and how we became who we are overlapping experiences, learning, emotions... and the memory of it all, personal, non-transferable, personal and incommunicable.


“Return to Sender” series is a very recent series on the concept of recovery, intervention and return to the sender, making it public, of images from old anonymous photographic material.

The stamps introduce a signifier of double communication, both postal and artistic object, and a certain play with the concepts of value, power, validation, and plastic counterpoint.

Return to Sender 25.jpg
Return to Sender 33.jpg
Return to Sender 12.jpg
Return to Sender 27.jpg
Return to Sender 20.jpg
Return to Sender 38.jpg
Return to Sender 32.jpg
Return to Sender 39.jpg
Return to Sender 18.jpg
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